Amazon Tax Information For Non-US – How to Setup

Amazon Tax Information For Non-US

Oh, so you just succeeded to join the Amazon affiliate, that’s great. But, how about the Tax information? have you set it up correctly in the interview. Or you get stuck?

Especially for you guys who non-US citizen, it can be a very complex situation to set-up Amazon Tax Information.

You know, when join the Amazon Associate program and have successfully made three sales or more before 180 days. You are officially approved as an Amazon Associate.

And Amazon will notify you to set up your Payment and Tax Information with The red banner on your Amazon Associate dashboard.

Amazon Tax Information
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If you want to get paid, then you must set these things up right.

Here, I will show you how to fill the Amazon Tax Information for a non-US affiliate in case if you have lost in the interview.

How to fill the Amazon Tax Information for a non-US affiliate

To set up and fill the Amazon Tax Information, first go to Amazon Tax Information interview by clicking the link given by Amazon on your Affiliate dashboard.

It quite simple if the region in your Country doesn’t have any issue about this Individual Affiliate business.


Below is how I set up the Amazon Tax Interview section by section. You can use it as references.

#1 In the ‘About You’ section, choose Individual if your website is not a company website.

#2 Select No in the ‘For U.S. tax purposes, are you a U.S person’ interview.

#3 Also select No for the section of ‘Are you acting as an intermediary agent, or other person receiving payment on behalf of another person or as a flow-through entity’.

#4 Make sure you check Same as Permanent Address in the ‘Tax Identity Information’ section. See screenshot for the example.

#5 In the section of ‘Tax Identity Number (TIN)’ make sure to uncheck both for I have a Non-US TIN and I have a U.S TIN. A new question will appear, asking you about Why are you not able to provide TIN? just select The country where I am liable to pay tax does not issue TINs to its resident. See screenshot!

Next, click the Continue button to go to the next section of the Amazon Tax Information interview.

#6 In the next section, in the ‘Related to Income’ > Location of services performed, select All services will be performed outside the U.S.

#7 Sign and Submit your Amazon Tax Information. Below you can see the screenshot for your reference.

Amazon Tax Information

Click Save and preview button to save and preview your Tax info.

#8 After you click on the Save and Preview button, it will take you to the Tax Info that you’ve made. When all info you provide feels right, copy your Tax Reference ID to use it for your Payment set up.

Amazon Tax Information

Then you can click on the Submit Form button to validate your Tax Information. See above screenshot for the example.


And, you have done set-up and validate the Amazon Tax Information. Don’t forget to print or take a screenshot because you may need it someday. Then, you can close/exit the interview page.

Also, remember to set up your Payment info tho. Make sure to give the right Home Address if you want to get paid by Cheque in the future. Below is the example of the correct Payment info.


Okay, that’s it how I set up my Amazon Tax Information for a Non-US affiliate on Amazon Associate program.










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