A BEST opportunity to monetize your unused domains.

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1. You simply add the domains you would like to monetize and we do the rest. Any extension is eligible. We strongly recommend you to add all your unused domains into our sound monetizing system before they expire.

2. There is NO integration time at all. Once you added your domains, you start monetizing immediately.

3. You represents that and warrants that it shall use information and services provided by us in a manner that complies with laws. We are not obliged to check to see whether your parked domain name infringes legal rights of others. We urge you to investigate to see whether your parked domain name you infringes legal rights of others, and in particular we suggest you seek advice of competent counsel.

4. We host all pages and DNS stuff. Only thing you need to do is adding your domains now and start earning $$$.

5. We acknowledge that it is simply providing a domain parking service for the Parked Domain .Nothing in this agreement give us the rights, title or interest in any of the Praked Domans. All Parked Domains will continue to remain your property or the third party that owns the domain name.

6. You will be paid a revenue of eighty percent (80%) of NET Revenue (20% of the revenue is deducted as maintaining cost of the monetizing platform at OnlineNIC, NET revenue refers to total revenue generated by our parking service upstream partner system) generated from each of your domains.

7. The payment will be directly added into your OnlineNIC account in ten (10) days after OnlineNIC received the payment from its upstream.

8. The payment will be handled on a monthly basis.

9. You should be aware that if we are sued or threatened with lawsuit in connection with your monetizing, we have the right to turn to you to hold us harmless and indemnify us, pursuant to the indemnification provision below.

10. Please contact customer service if you need any assistance.










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